What we do

At Albacore we want to build a world where every interaction can occur without the need for trust. The ability to trustlessly interact with, audit or verify any party should be universal and accessible to everyone.

This will be achieved by utilising peer-to-peer decentralised systems in combination with publicly verifiable proofs of knowledge. Together, these technologies guarantee that no one will be able to deceive anyone without the entire world witnessing it.

We also believe in helping others to develop and use new transparency products. We aim to contribute our continuing research in these fields to open source projects and tools for use by the community.

Current technology

Proof of Solvency

Investors and users will be able to ensure a company is able to meet its financial obligations, creating a new standard of corporate accountability.


Enables the extension and customisation of blockchains for use in various organisations without compromising security or privacy.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Imbues proofs of knowledge with the ability to be publicly verifiable while still preserving the privacy of a user or company.

Meet the team

Ilyas Ridhuan

Ilyas developed an interest in Bitcoin in 2013 and two years later, co-founded a startup that used blockchain to tackle the issues of electronic voting. He is passionate about the integration of high assurance software development into blockchains.

Michael Ford

Michael discovered bitcoin in 2010, and started contributing to the Bitcoin Core project in 2012. He's interested in building tools that promote transparency in financial organisations.


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