Albacore Labs

Prove to the world you are Satoshi Nakamoto*

An in-depth explanation of the fraud can be found on our Medium.

With everyone seemingly trying to prove they are Satoshi (looking at you Craig Wright and "faketoshi twitter"), we've decided to make it easier for other people to make similar claims.

Clicking the button below will generate a signature and message hash that will successfully validate against the address that mined the genesis block, which is known to have been mined by Satoshi. Just don't ask for the plaintext message that generated the hash...(spoiler, we don't know it either)

Credit to Greg Maxwell and Pieter Wuille whose various posts (here, here, and here ) gave us enough of an understanding to implement our own Faketoshi-forger. We encourage you to check these resources out to understand why these continued Satoshi claims are nothing more than frauds. An implementation in Haskell can also be found on our Github.

Your Faketoshi Credentials